The Wonders Of Science Housed In The Science Museum


The Science Museum in London is located at South Kensington on the Exhibition Road. It falls under the umbrella of the National Museum of Science and Industry and shares its glory with the Victoria Albert Museum that is located in the town of Kensington and Chelsea. The museum comprises of seven floors that house interactive galleries and history of technology.

The museum has exhibits like the oldest functional steam train, Babbage Difference Engine, the maiden jet engine, sample papers from early typewriter trials and stimulation of the Clock of Long Now. These comprised the Museum of Patents and were placed in the Science Collection of South Kensington Museum.

Later, in the year 1909, more exhibits were added that it was declared a museum by itself. A director was appointed. The building was opened in 1920 to the public. The museum now has over 300,000 articles and is considered to be the most prominent in the field of medical science. The fourth floor houses an expansive collection meant for the medical practice. It is exclusive to reconstructive performances. The fifth floor presents a collection of age old instruments used by ancient doctors from various parts of the world. The latest wing is in the honour of Henry Wellcome, a pharmaceutical entrepreneur.

The science museum has a library that until the 1960s was the National Library for Science, Medicine, and Technology. The medical collection here is said to be the best. The ground floor is dedicated for Space Exploration. Here you can find visual reconstructs of Industrial Revolution. There are more than 50 exhibits that include the final remaining of steam locomotives. The next level is devoted to metals, communication, food and energy generation. The third floor is exclusively meant for aircrafts. That has some visually enticing photographs. The Flight Gallery houses a full size historic aircraft. Also find the Stephenson’s Rocket and Apollo spacecraft.

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