School Trip To Imperial War Museum


A school trip to London could be exciting with the rich tradition of London dating back to the Bronze Age. There are varieties of subjects to impress kids, and a school trip can be fruitful for the kids. History, science, technology, arts, drama, theatre and a variety of subjects that can impress students are housed in the museums in London. Important information that kids can gather from the museum is the way history has played its role in developing the new age England. It also explains how wars play a role in changing not just geographical boundaries but also the economics of a place. The Imperial Museum and Cabinet War Room can teach warring lessons.

Imperial War Museum is one of the five war museums, and of these, three are located in London. One of the branches founded in 1917 that records the happenings during the World War One and documentations of the sacrifices of the Empire during the war times. The museum has undergone a lot of changes and has accommodated the recent warfare techniques also. The museum was originally located at the Crystal Palace and was moved to South Kensington where it is housed in the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Southwark. The trip will cover a walkthrough of photograph collections, official documents, films, art collections and military crafts.

Another branch of the museum is the Imperial War Museum. This is also called the Churchill War Rooms. This is an underground bunker that was the command centre for the British during the Second World War. This was after the World War II broke out. Once the war was over it was abandoned, and only people with special permissions visited the place. During the 1980s, the Imperial War Museum opens it for visitors. A school trip here explains the importance of the place during the war times. This place has remained the nerve centre during the war times.

How To Spend A Day At The London Imperial War Museum?


Are you a student of history? Are you willing to explore more about the war cultures in the country? Then the Imperial War Museum is the right destination. It is located at the Lambeth Road in London. The entry to the museum is free of cost. All you need to do is book in advance and pay a small fee for exhibitions that at times may be conducted on the premises.

The museum is open for public from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. It is necessary to make an entry booking in advance. The museum is closed during bank holidays. Take the tube station and reach Lambeth North. The museum is just a five minute walk from the Kennington Road. The area is congested if you are considering hiring a car.

There are cafes within the museum premises, and this can help give you a break in between. The specials include pastries and war time meals. There is also provision for a hot meal during the afternoons. These traditional menus can take you back to the old times. The exhibits in the museum can give children an idea of the life during the war period. Many exhibitions happen round the year.

Some of the exhibitions you can find includes Horrible Histories exhibition, live experience in the trenches, Ministry of Food exhibition that gives you an idea of how rations were given to people to keep supplies uniform. The Holocaust exhibits of the Second World War exhibition is a major attraction. Documents during the war times also are considered a valuable read.