A Quick History on Shower Heads

The most natural form of the shower is a waterfall. It was used by most people in the past for bathing. Until now, we still bathe in waterfalls but not on a daily basis. The first mechanical shower was a hand pump that was patented in England in 1767 by William Feetham. It was pumped to force the water into a vessel located above a person’s head. The chain had to be pulled in order to the release the water from the vessel. There were quite a lot of problems with this design though including the possibility of recycling dirty water.

In 1810, this design was drastically improved. The newer version was made from metal pipes that were painted and made to look like bamboo. There was a basin suspended above the pipes that fed water into the nozzle distributing water into the person’s shoulders. The water coming from the ground was drained to ensure no dirty water was recycled. Indoor plumbing was eventually invented making this design even more popular.

Modern showers started in the 1870’s when French army started using them for hygienic purposes. A French doctor created individual baths, replacing communal showers. He believed that it was more economical and hygienic for the users. There were a few showers at first up until people enjoyed using them. The water was heated by the steam engine, making the showers even perfect for users.

Shower heads

Eventually, shower heads were modernised. Back then, we only had fixed shower heads. Now, we can easily adjust shower heads so that they spout water in various directions. Some shower heads can even be removed from their position so that they can be used not just for the head, but other parts of the body.

In short, bathing has never been this comfortable. A lot of people enjoy showers today because of the changes that took place over the years.

Shower filter

You might also find the best Vitamin C shower filter. This seems like a crazy idea, but there are people who make use of this type of shower filter. It is said to have qualities that make bathing healthier. Our body needs Vitamin C for boosting the immune system. We usually eat foods and drinks rich in Vitamin C. This is unique in a sense that the Vitamin C enters the body by bathing. In short, we have come a long way from filthy showers to modern showers with added features.

We should always be grateful to individuals who have worked really hard in order for us to enjoy the hot shower that we have now. Imagine if you lived in the past where access to clean water was really difficult. Now, you just have to turn the shower on and you can start bathing. For sure, there will be more changes in the future. Taking shower as we know now will most likely change for the better. This is something we should all look forward to. The vitamin-infused shower is obviously just the beginning.

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