A Guide To The Bramah Tea And Coffee Museum In London

Bramah_Tea_and_Coffee_MuseumTea and later coffee helped to revolutionise how the western world approached it’s morning routine.  Now as ubiquitous as anything else in life, many people would be hard pressed to function without their morning caffeine.  Given the incredible history and importance tea and coffee play in our lives currently, few know more then just a little about its origin or purpose. These days it’s hard to care about the history when we have these push button coffee machines in our homes (like those at AllGreatCoffee.com).

The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum in London hopes to rectify that by being a fantastic source for the history of England and the tea and coffee that has become a part of the daily routine.  Serving authentic British Leaf Tea, the museum provides records and memorabilia from centuries past, documenting the tea trade.  With more then 400 years of history to cover, the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum also provides an opportunity for individuals to have their tea as well.  As a final note, the museum offers seminars taught by Edward Bramah regarding the history of the tea trade and a tasting session.


The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum is London is only a two minute walk from London Bridge Station.  Its exact address is Bramah Museum of Tea And Coffee, 40 Southwark Street, London SE1 1UN.

Times Open

The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum is open all week, from 10am to 6pm.  Exceptions include Christmas and Boxing Day.  In addition, check online before going to ensure that renovations have not temporarily closed down the museum.


The Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum costs 4 pounds for adults.  In addition, concessions cost 3.5 pounds.  Finally, the museum offers a family deal with a 10 pound charge for two parents and up to four children.  Finally, if you are considering a group of 20 or more, the museum asks that you call ahead so that they can make special arrangements.

What Are The Best Sports Museums In The UK?

The UK has an incredible number of sites for locals and tourists alike. In particular, if you are a sports fan, then the UK has you covered with sporting venues, teams, and even museums. With that in mind, lets take a brief tour of the UK and find the best sports museums in the country. From the biggest names in sports to those rarely heard about defining moments that led to the creation of your favorite team, these museums are sure to provide you with a great deal of entertainment and information. Even minor sports like rowing are represented here, this pleased me as I love to row on my Concept2 Model D.

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum


For aspiring tennis players everywhere, Wimbledon represents the culmination of a lifelong struggle to be the very best at the sport. The premiere venue for tennis in the country and arguably the world, the best tennis players from countless countries have met on these greens to compete against one another. In a sport where there are strict rules and proper decorum, there are still countless moments of incredible emotion and excitement.

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum captures all of this through their state-of-the-art-museum. Providing a range of tours, it has never been easier to see the stadium, courts, and the grounds. In addition, tours usually include trips to the pressroom, interview room, water gardens, and more. For any fan of Tennis, the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is a must.

The Chelsea Football Club Museum


The Chelsea Football Club Museum has a rich and colourful history dating back more then a hundred years to 1905. Visitors to the museum get to hear all about the legendary dog bite that led to the formation of the team, as well as the countless characters that have helped to define both the team and the sport as a whole. In addition to being a great place for adults, the Chelsea Football Club Museum is also great for children with its interactive exhibits. Whether you are a die hard Chelsea fan or are just interested in learning more about this interesting team and its role in shaping UK football, then this museum is the right place for you.

The World Rugby Museum At Twickenham

World Rugby Museum

While not nearly as popular as football or tennis, Rugby has none-the-less defined itself throughout the world as an incredibly competitive and challenging sport. With a great deal of emphasis on team unity and respect for the other team, the World Rugby Museum at Twickenham provides countless opportunities to relive Rugby’s past. The home of English Rugby, this museum provides a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium, providing for guests an incredibly collection of memorabilia to look through. Finally, what tour would be complete without a trip to the England changing room?

The Marylebone Cricket Club Museum at Lord’s Cricket Ground

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Cricket, like many other sports popularised in England, has spread around the world and has found a particularly strong hold in India. Still going strong today, countless individuals enjoy the sport. At the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum at Lord’s Cricket Grounds, you can see incredible paintings and artefacts detailing the history of the sport. With more then 400 years worth of history to go through, it is no wonder people love visiting the museum and its grounds. As a final note, the museum is also home to a selection of some of the greatest moments in Cricket, providing enthusiasts and players alike a trip down memory lane.

The four suggestions for sports museums in UK only begin to cover how many sporting museums there are in the country. Whether it is a small museum hosted by your favourite football club or the countless other museum venues focusing on sports in the country, it is more then easy to design an entire vacation around seeing these various places.

Five Must Visit Museums In London


London is a city of museums that boasts of more than two hundred museums that gives you a detailed picturisation of British history. Among the different museums you find here, five have the most prominent and must visit for the tourists.

The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art has some breathtaking collection of Italian modern art. The museum was open in 1998 at the Georgian building that adds to the history. You can find galleries, gift shop to buy memorable and café. The art forms between 1890 and 1950 are displayed.

The London Film Museum is another prominent museum that has some of the most treasured possessions from the film industry. Get to learn more about how the film industry progressed in England. There are displays that can interest you. So, if you are a movie buff do not miss this place for anything.

The Freud Museum of London is the place to be if you are interested in this psychoanalyst. The home of Sigmund Freud was converted into a museum. Freud gave a new dimension to the thought process and is a master of psychology.


The Imperial War Museum gives an insight on the First World War and how it is instrumental in developing the present day Britain. The museum also focuses on the recent trends that are influenced by the war and what changes it has brought to the English Society.

Among the museums in England another worthy destination not to miss includes the Natural History Museum. It is one of the largest museums in the country and is in South Kensington, London. The most popular display is the dinosaur bone exhibit. The museum has some exotic collection of pre-historic animal life. There are many activities that happen here including the competition for wildlife photography. There are many volunteer programs that can be of interest. Connect with nature at the museum. This is a must visit place for kids.

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