The London Museums – A Treasure Trove Of Culture And History

2076-640x360-nhm_skeleton_640e=”text-align: justify;”>Staying near the museum is advised if you are in London. This museum city and has 240 museums that can cater to the taste of everyone. You can find small museums in the suburban region and popular museums in Central London. Some museums in London have the reputation of being the best in the world. The prominence the place has for its lineage has made it the most suitable place to house some of the world famous museums. You can find some breathtaking collections that are unique to the place in these museums. Tourists definitely have museums on their Things to do list.

The British Museum attracted thousands of visitors every year. The Enigmatic Rosetta Stone finds its place here and rests since 1802 when it was snatched from the French army after defeat. Also find Aztec artefacts, sculptors from Europe and Chinese ceramics. If you have the love for historical drama, check out the East London alleyways. Experience the walks with Jack the Ripper and let the shivers of fear run down your spine.

Natural History Museum, Vienna

Natural History Museum, Vienna

If Sherlock Homes is your favourite character, then Sherlock Homes Museum is a must watch. Who could forget the 221b Baker Street? You can sit down in the Holmes study. Visit the Charles Dickens’ home and see what inspired him to write his famous stories.

The National Army Museum, the Royal Air Force Museum and the Imperial War Museum are for those who have aspirations to serve the nation. The Arsenal Football Club Museum, the MCC Museum at Lords Cricket Ground and the Wimbledon Lawn can impress the sports lovers. For those art lovers, there is the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Tate Britain. The Floating Museum is part of the Imperial War Museum and is berthed between the London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

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