Science Museum Is More Than A Tourist Destination


The Science Museum is a renowned historical institution that is a favourite tourist destination if you are in London. It is not just a tourist destination but is a learning centre as well. It preserves many scientific artefacts that speak of the scientific innovations from different parts of the world. The museum was opened in the year 1857, and the first collections were from the Royal Society of Arts.

Some items were also from the 1851 Great Exhibition that holds the achievements in the field of science and technology. It was the first part of the South Kensington Museum and later was carved out to form the Science Museum in the year 1885. Currently, the muscle holds 300,000 showcases among them that attract the attention of visitors include the Stevenson’s Rocket (steam locomotive), the model of DNA developed by James Watson and specialized mechanical digital calculator.

The museum is open for visitors for free since December 2001. This has made it a popular attraction. There is a Science Night that describes the amazing facts of the night with a scientific bent of mind. Children between the age of 8 and 11 up to 380 kids are allowed to spend the evening in the museum where they are given an opportunity to spend time with the exhibits. The kids wake up in the morning for breakfast that will be served at the museum. With science facts and IMAX film, the experience becomes memorable for the children. The place is not just for fun it is also a forum for learning where scientific debates are held. There is an urban bar that was opened in the year 2003.